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I’ve come to accept that my Thursdays are strange

Events of this summer have made me introspective. This collage of photos captures just a few of the meaningful people and events in my life.

This week I completed my eighth session of chemotherapy. This collage of photos captures just a few of the meaningful people and events in my life.

So last time I posted I had completed my 6th treatment and now I have just completed my 8th.

This is the day after, which is Thursday, Sept. 19. I am writing this in the morning because by the afternoon, my head feels strange. By this I mean I am only good at focusing
on things for short periods of time. So, I hit my work calendar through the morning hours and then try to sleep but due to steroids that is impossible.

I have come to accept that Thursdays are my weird day. Fridays are much better. I usually go for a short jog and go into the office. Saturday mornings, I meet my running group
for what used to be a 6-mile run. If you read last week’s post, you saw that has been reduced to 4 miles. We will see what this Saturday holds. I can tell that my jogging pace
has slowed a bit.

My hemoglobin is still a little low, therefore my oxygen level is not what it has been. (I believe I have this right.) So, I will run as far as my body will allow and feel
blessed that I am able to participate!

As far as other things I’ve noticed that are different, take last week as an example. Over the weekend I was with old friends on Lake Martin and enjoyed sunset boat rides and
incredible wine and soft music. For those who might not be aware, I love wine and especially good wine. I know some of you may be wondering about how the chemotherapy has
affected taste and whether I can still enjoy a glass of wine. More on that later.

Well, I started with a large glass and continued to accept a few “top offs.” Lesson for the evening: I do not think the chemo likes wine much! Imagine that! There were no real
negative impacts other than just not feeling well during the night. So going forward, note to self: Stop at one glass.

Another difference I noticed is an acne-like rash on my face. Yes, this is another interesting addition. I have little spots above my lip and on my checks and nose. Makeup
helps, so a shout out to my friend Estee Lauder. At some point, I will share with you the process of caring for your skin and face while managing through cancer treatment.

So the overall impact of my journey to date has simply been a little slowing down of my routine. That means I have begun to rest more and stopped exercising as much. During
the week as I mentioned before, I work on Fridays some, then Mondays are better, Tuesday is a lot better and I can still manage a good half day on Wednesday since my infusion
takes place on Wednesday afternoon.

A photo from a biking vacation last year.

A photo from a biking vacation last year.

I am not complaining. Thankfully, I am still able to work out with my awesome trainer Susan Finley twice a week. Running — such as it is — is still doable two times a week.

As those of you who know me best will understand, continuing with a regimen somewhat close to normal means a great deal to me. So I feel very blessed. I have another coach in
this journey in the person of Belynda Adams, who is really my awesome caregiver. We joke abut being in training. She is right, I am training for the upcoming stages of my
treatment: a new stage of chemotherapy and then finally the surgery (see last week’s post).

More on Belynda later, as there is not enough time in my morning today to expand on the blessings she has brought to my life. I will have to devote a post to telling that story.

OK, so back to the wine. So far, I can still taste food fairly well. Coffee tastes a little different. When it comes to wine and certain foods, some flavors seem to have been
altered somewhat. I still enjoy them all but I can tell slight differences. Once again, not bad! As for appetite, it has not changed at all.

Enough for now. Please continue your prayers for recovery and strength. Your support and our Heavenly Father are the reasons I am doing so well.

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