Daily Archives: November 14, 2013

A typical work day with my friend Betty

Preparing to leave the house with my friend Betty.

Preparing to leave the house one morning with my friend Betty.

Greetings from the midpoint in my treatment cycle for the Adriamycin and Cytoxen cocktail chemotherapy. That means two down, two to go.

The treatment occurs on Wednesday afternoons, you might recall. By last night I did not feel well so I went to bed early and with the assistance of a sleeping aid, I had a good night. I finally got out of bed at 8:45 this morning, which set a new record for me. I haven’t slept that late since I was a kid.

This morning was spent on the couch, answering emails and taking it easy. My biggest complaint is indigestion and Nexium is helping, along with my friend Zofran, which beats down the nausea. Knock on wood, I haven’t really suffered from nausea.

Mostly I just feel weak.

Following my last treatment, I felt like a new person by Friday. So I am hoping for the same outcome this time.

My train of thought is somewhat hampered today, so I will keep this short but it does appear I will have some sort of surgery (either lumpectomy or mastectomy) at around the end of year or early January. My physicians say I also may need some radiation because my tumor was so close to chest wall.

The good news of course is that I can use the past tense in reference to my tumor. As I mentioned in an earlier post here, my physicians say the chemo has resulted in 100 percent resolution of my mass; meaning the last MRI did not pick up anything! I further understand that at time of surgery if this is still the case, then I would have a 98 percent
likelihood that I should not expect a recurrence, and I would be “cured!” It is amazing how far treatment has come.

Enjoying breakfast out on Veterans Day.

Enjoying breakfast out on Veterans Day.

And while I might be a bit hampered today, know that not all days are like this.  Much of the last week I felt just fine. For example, Saturday morning I jogged for 2.5 miles and felt great. Veterans Day was a long and busy Monday for me. On Tuesday, I worked from 7:30 to 6 and briefly stopped by a jewelry party afterward.

Most days, I think I’ve also been able to hold onto my sense of humor. In that vein, I’ll share with you that I’ve nicknamed my wig “Betty.” Some days she joins me, some days she stays home.

As always,  thank you – each and every one – for your concern, support and prayers.