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An outing on a memorable trip along the Savannah River.

An outing on a memorable trip along the Savannah River.

I am Laura Hinton, a lifelong resident of Birmingham, Alabama. For more than 20 years I have been a business owner, though this blog is a personal endeavor all my own.

Hiking in Whistler, BC, Canada

Hiking in Whistler, BC, Canada

Even casual acquaintances know of my lifelong love of sports and nearly all outdoor activities. Skiing, cycling, jogging and travel are passions.

The launch of this blog was undertaken in September 2013 as a means of sharing updates with friends.

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10 thoughts on “About this blog and its author

  1. Laura,
    I just heard of your journey and I hope you are doing better. My Mama battled two bouts of cancer including breast and I would like to share some encouraging words if you are up to speaking to me on the phone. Sybil and I just moved to Perdido Key and we are five minutes from that sugar white sand and sun. We have room for you and Belynda. Also, Sybil cooks great. Call if you can : 850-857-9172
    Love you,
    Peggy Elliott- Burton

  2. Hey Laura, Just had you on my mind and wanted to send LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS but most of all continued GOOD HEALTH.

    Much Love

  3. Laura, I just found out about your diagnosis and recent surgery. Please know my prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and complete healing of this terrible disease. Loved reading your blog and I’m sure it is providing inspiration to all who reads it. Looking forward to reading more. Stay positive!! You WILL beat this!!

  4. Hello Laura. I wanted you to know that I have been thinking of you. Pat has given me updates and I have followed your beautiful blog. I like Betty… Cindy and I spend lots of time in wigs… We actually have quite a collection. But I do have to say that you look most striking without!

    Your journey has been very inspirational and Cindy and I wish you all the best and want you to know we have been thinking of you.

  5. Good Morning Laura,

    I’ve been thinking of you and looking for an email update :) So happy to read about your last treatment and hoping you have big plans to ring in 2014!!


  6. You looked beautiful today — wouldn’t know that you’re a woman who has been on an incredibly difficult journey for almost 6 months. I had wanted to ask you about your blog, but had to dash. I trust writing it is a “win” for you — it certainly is a win for so many of us who will be able to benefit from your experience and knowledge. You also seem to establish a relationship with your readers, always an amazing feat. Have your doc and the UAB staff seen it? The process seems like a good model for many other patients as well as a source of information.
    Didn’t mean to prattle on. Main thing: you are and will be within our hearts and prayers. Second thing: you’re a fantastic blogger!

  7. Laura, it was great seeing you on Sunday. Sending Prayers up for you. You have always had a winning attitude and been a winner, so I my money is on you.
    With much love,

    1. Read you last post and am very happy that you received good news on the surgery. If you need anything, remember I am at home, you can find my phone number on FB or white pages- yes I still have a land line also.
      Much love sent your way.

  8. After reading your blog I am blown away at your positive attitude!! What an inspiration you are Laura to me and so many others. Keep fighting the good fight!! I hope to continue getting updates and pray for God to bless you everyday with strength and perseverence! Love you :)

  9. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers . I so admire you for the way you are dealing with this challenge. Thanks for writing this blog and keeping us informed. Always know that you are loved.

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