This year’s Komen event one I’ll never forget

It was an amazing day last Saturday at Birmingham's Race for the Cure. I'm proud to have made it to the finish line with no walking.

It was an amazing day last Saturday at Birmingham’s Race for the Cure. I’m proud to have made it to the finish line with no walking.

Saturday’s Komen Race for the Cure event in Birmingham took on extra special meaning for me this year. So much so that I had to hop on here as soon as possible and share some very special photographs with you all.

To see a team fielded in my honor and in support of my journey left me feeling humbled and grateful all weekend. To everyone who took part, know that these are memories I will treasure always.

Click on any of the six photos in the gallery above to see a larger version.

7 thoughts on “This year’s Komen event one I’ll never forget

  1. Laura,

    And to think you once thought you would have difficulty running more than 3 miles. What an amazing journey our God has placed you on. Oh my sweet friend, the many lives you are inspiring brings tears to my eyes. The Word tells us to run and not grow weary. I love you and know that you are running the true race God has picked just for you. It’s a unique path you are on and one that is glorifying Him. I love you.

  2. You often say how humbled and inspired that you are by the love and support that you receive from so many people. While indeed this is the truth there is a flip side that you probably ARE to humble to notice. This is the inspiration and courage that your walk (or perhaps I should say run) illustrates to those of us that support you. Your example of dignity, faith and grace are a blessing to each of us that are fortunate to be along with you on your journey. I often hear it referred to as one’s “fight against” their cancer. It is not my intent to minimize your course of what I am sure at times appear to be insurmountable hurdles but never have I seen you become bitter as if to be in a fight or struggle. You embrace this as a must do task as you walk hand in hand with the treatment ahead and that dear Laura is what I perceive to be your key to success. You simply have recognized this for what it is, a temporary invasion of your body that does not deserve to dwell in your body that houses your soul. You are a winner and so are all of us that through God ‘s grace are a part of your life

  3. Hi Laura
    Just wondering if you know the song “You Never Let Go of Me.” Its chorus is my immediate go-to, these days:
    “Oh no, you never let go–through the calm & through the storm.
    Oh no, you never let go–in every high & every low.
    Oh no, you never let go, Lord. You never let go of me.”
    Also, wanted to mention that Andres Forero is my doctor, too. Luckily for me, his other specialty is lymphoma. So…maybe I’ll be seeing y’all ’round the fountain sometime. Hope you & Belynda enjoy this sunshiney autumn day!! In peace, mg

  4. Hey lolly,

    we are thinking of u and love you so much!!! Keep fighting like the champion that you are. We are so proud of you and support through your journey!! Just remember “God will never give you so much that you can’t handle” We are on the journey together and we beat the shit out of it and it will not know what hit it. So so strong and positive!!! You go girl!!!

    bill/holly mcdonald

  5. Dear Laura – I am so inspired by your journey – your strength….I just can’t stop thinking about you. I am so sorry that I just found out about your situation but please know that you are in my daily thoughts and prayers. I love you, your smile, your determination….you are such an inspiration. I subscribed to your blog and it was the 1st thing I read this morning before my workday began. Keep writing…keep running…keep smiling…keep winning! Hugs & love to you tonight! Tina

  6. You are truly amazing in your stamina. I think you are making an adventure of the experience and that is what I am doing also. Love and Peace, Shelley

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